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About Districon

Can you imagine how many goods flow around the world, on land, by air or on water? Goods are transported from source, handled in terminals, airports and ports. Stock is moved to and is stored in warehouses, before and after processing in factories; finished products are transported from the factory door to and through distribution centers (DCs) and from these DCs to ultimately reach their buyers, through virtual shops or physical outlets. In many cases, the flow is often reversed for returns to DC or factory.


The world is changing rapidly. Technological developments drive continuous improvement of logistics. Transparency and collaboration within the supply chain leads to improving and optimizing flows. Meanwhile, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances create economies of scale, resulting in logistic opportunities and challenges. Regulations change constantly adding more complexity. And finally, our customers demand increasingly higher standards of quality, service, durability and safety and security.

Logistic excellence can be a distinctive weapon in this continuous competitive struggle.


Districon thinks and works globally, in close cooperation with medium and large organisations, developing new logistics strategies and creating logistic solutions. From strategy to implementation; realistic, energetic and always focused on operating results.

In logistic arena, we are one of the largest specialized provider of consultancy, IT solutions, and key personnel, such as interim managers, project managers and specialists. Districon is the leading and largest such logistics specialty firm in the Netherlands drawing upon the Dutch centuries long heritage of efficient and effective logistics planning and management.

Our strength is to streamline, to accelerate and to enrich processes. In short, we optimize the flow of goods, from producer to consumer, or reversed, from consumer back to the source.

Experienced team of specialists

Districon can offer a broad team of experienced specialists with logistics written all over their DNA. We are driven by our ambition to be a leader in our field, combining innovation with craftsmanship and in-depth knowledge of logistic processes and sectors, from air cargo to wholesale, from transport to retail. We are proud of our customer base and their logistic achievements.


Forty years of entrepreneurship and craftsmanship have made Districon what it is today. In 1976 Simon Jan Bakker, a logistics expert in the food retail, decided to start-up his own consultancy practice. With his profile as a Distribution Consultant, he founded Districon.