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Industrial companies operate within complex distribution networks. Business expansion leads to additional inventory locations, transportation solutions, differentiated customer demands and product demand and unpredictable volume of demand. Districon provides support to control this complex situation; providing performance monitoring, optimizing your distribution footprint and by improving your demand & supply planning.

Examples of our capabilities are:

  • Supply chain visibility and optimization
  • Supply Chain Footprint Development
  • Assortment and inventory management

Supply chain visibility and optimization

Your network is complex. How do you control it? Our proprietary Districon Dashboard provides performance insights: production, deliveries, inventory levels, etc.  The dashboard is tailored to your requirements providing, daily, periodically and/or real time, as needed to manage your business. In addition to this, our dashboard provides the opportunity to identify structural problems causing performance issues.

With this enhanced visibility we optimize your performance based on AIMMS software. Our Operations Reesearch specialists develop tailor made software applications connected to your main Information Technology infrastructure. These applications are able to periodically optimize your network e.g., assortment allocations, but also to optimize your replenishment or production schedules on a daily basis. Our development lead-time is short and based on frequent feed backs sessions.

Supply Chain Footprint Development:

Your supply chain foot print highly impacts your cost levels and your business power. We strengthening your foot print in three areas:

  1. Supply Chain Foot Print Design: How many inventory locations do you need and what is the best location? How to allocate inventory to different locations? Based on our expertise and our powerful AIMMS and PTV Smartour software we design optimized networks, leading to lower costs, improved lead times and a better availability.
  2. Transport Modality: How to ship to your customers? Distributing higher volumes over long distances provide the multi modal transportation opportunities. We understand the impact on both your organization and your cost levels
  3. Outsourcing: Do you distribute yourself or do you outsource your distribution? Our solutions take into account both your financial situation as the business impact. And in case of outsourcing, you can rely on our experience selecting the best partner for you.

Assortment and inventory management (supply level management)

Your customers demand 100% availability, everywhere. And Sales & Marketing drive sales with promotion, new product introduction and changing assortments. How to optimize your inventory levels? Districon has an impressive track record in optimizing stock costs and market availability. Our solutions are based on:

  • Differentiated approach: each category is managed based on its characteristics
  • Optimal forecasting: we use sophisticated forecasting techniques, S&OP processes and supporting software
  • Supply chain management, like store replenishment, inventory level accuracy and inbound control