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Logistic service providers

Multi channel business development drives many different flows of goods. As a consequence your logistics becomes more and more complex. Outsourcing to one of more logistic service providers can provide flexibility, competences and risk mitigation. Districon foresees an increase in contract, especially those of short term, with different service providers.

Therefore we provide the following services:

  • Outsourcing and Tender Support
  • Supply Chain Network Development
  • Fullfilment Center Development

Outsourcing and tender support

Districon has had a very wide range of tendering management experiences. We have developed the ability and have the  knowledge to formulate and manage decision making processes, cost structures and business needs.

Outsourcing and tender advice?

Supply chain network development

Your network provides added value for your customers. Therefore we support you work to strengthen this network, focusing on two areas:

  • Warehouse Location. Your warehouse location highly impacts your cut off windows and delivery lead times. In case of international shipments, we highly recommend a warehouse location with swift access to a major, international hub, like a gateway mainport or a main express hub. We can provide support in selecting the best location for your warehouse. Based upon our expertise and our advanced optimization software (AIMMS and PTV SMARTOUR) we develop optimized supply chain networks. Your benefits are cost reduction, improved lead times and inventory availability providing an improved competitive edge.
  • Transportation Including Multi Modal Networks. Your transportation network serves your customers existing and forecast needs as well as provides them new opportunities. From multimodal solutions for container- and bulk shipments to local parcel distribution, we provide support in developing the most effective and efficient distribution networks. Our solutions are based on updated benchmark information, innovative software and many years of hands-on experience.

Fulfillment center development

Your fulfillment centre needs to facilitate many business functions; handling per pallet and per piece, stocking a wide and differentiated assortment, extended cut off windows, short lead times, low picking costs, return services:

We provide the full menu, varying from concept design to a turnkey facility and are accustomed to teaming with (local) partners, architects and / or engineering companies.

Our starting point is always functionality; concept first, hardware follows. The level of mechanization and its architecture results from balancing  a sound operational concept and budget requirements. Our objectivity providing independent expertise, i.e, not allied to any hardware provider, will prove its value to you. In addition to functionality our design will provide you long term flexibility. We keep focus on ensuring the financial feasibility of the investment. When required, we can help you finding external investors based on a fully underwritten, i.e., bankable business plan and investment prospectus.