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Will future infrastructure capacity be sufficient? How to increase the utilization of existing infrastructure? How can private and public entities cooperate to develop efficient transport systems? These are actual questions related to all modes of transportation.

Districon supports government agencies by conducting capacity analyses, feasibility analyses and transport forecast translating these findings to infrastructure requirements and planning. Our expertise and network in the private sector provides has enabled us to successfully support local, regional and national governments as well as knowledge centers.

Our services include:

  • Private – Public Partnership
  • Market Demand and Forecasting
  • Market Dynamics and Infrastructure Requirements
  • Market Innovations

Private – Public Partnership

Districon operates in both the logistics business and the public sector. We understand the needs for cooperation and we know how to compare and align different interests, goals and requirements. Operating in both worlds has enabled us to facilitate effectively and to act as project manager and subject matter expert in public-private initiatives for the transport and logistics sector. As a member of several logistics industry organizations we constantly share knowledge and gain insight and apply experience to support cooperative initiatives.

Market demand and forecasting

Provision of capacity, operating flexibility and common or multiple use of assets affect costs: these are key topics for infrastructure managers, including ports and airports. In order to find integrated solutions there is a need for realistic future transport demand scenarios. In our work in analyzing markets we apply an appropriate combination of informed assumptions based upon regression and progressive analysis and experience as well as validated actual data. This is input to proven models and GIS based software tools.

A modern Dashboard Application provides you with a detailed view on the current market situation, market trends and future scenarios.

Market requirements for public infrastructure

Public investments in infrastructure and business parks require demand scenarios that are translated to specific future functional requirements. To be effective, these must be validated by the key users. We make a clear distinction in what the industry requests and requires. This requires our professionals to challenge of the input received from stakeholders who may have a limited intentions or perspective. With our extensive knowledge of the market and industry contacts we enjoy an excellent positioni to master this role.

Market innovations

Smart use of existing capacity has great social value: Innovations are needed to realize this, whether it is on IT, transport technology, human behavior, legislation etc.

Districon has demonstrated its ability to align cooperation within the demand side or supply side of the transport market. An example is developing modal shift or synchro-modal solutions. Our focus is: Capacity utilization will enhance sustainability.

We are keen to work with our clients to reduce CO2 emissions from fossil fuels. Districon is committed to reduce its own emissions by actively participating in the Lean and Green program; the hallmark sustainability program in the Netherlands.