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Retail & Wholesale

Consumer shopping behavior is changing. Technological innovation adds pressure to your flexibility. Consumers expect a wide assortment and want to buy what they want - anytime anywhere. They want to control their deliveries and demand value for money. These circumstances demand a strong and flexible supply chain.

Districon helps you to strengthen your supply chain: from assortment optimization to last mile differentiation. Your benefits are cost reduction, improved availability and service: primary drivers of growth.

We provide you helpful benchmark information and powerful software. Our solutions guarantee business improvement. Often the solutions are based proven concepts, sometimes driven by creativity and innovation. We provide the following services:

  • Supply chain flexibility (strategy)
  • Supply chain footprint development
  • Fulfilment center development
  • Assortment and inventory control
  • Supply chain visibility and optimization
  • Strengthening your project and / or organization

Supply chain agility

We don’t know how the retail business will look like in a few years: Nobody knows. But we are convinced that your operating model needs to be agile. This may be achieved either by partnering with your suppliers, your customers or with other contributors to your value chain. Furthermore we support you in investment decision or out sourcing decisions. Our senior consultants are in this business for many years and help you to move forward. More flow, more business.

Supply chain footprint development

Your supply chain footprint has a strong impact on your costs and your competitiveness. What is the optimal amount of stock locations? What is the best distribution schedule? How to facilitate your last mile distribution?

Our solutions drive cost reduction, lead time improvement and improve stock availability. Drawing from workshops that we facilitate, we translate your business strategy into commercial scenarios and business cases. We apply proprietary sophisticated optimization software to support our advisory work.

Fulfilment centres

Handling per pallet and per piece, stocking a wide and differentiated assortment, extended cut off windows, short lead times, low picking costs, return services: your fulfilment centre needs to facilitate many business needs.

We provide the full menu, varying from concept design to a turnkey facility and are used to teaming up with (local) partners, architects and / or engineering companies.

Our starting point is always functionality, concept first, hardware follows. The level of mechanization and its architecture is the result from a tradeoff between a sound operational concept and budget. Being an independent expert will prove its value to you. In addition to functionality our design will provide you long term flexibility. We keep focus on ensuring the financial feasibility of the investment and when required we can help you finding external investors based on a bankable business plan and investment prospectus.

Assortment and inventory management (supply level management)

Your customers demand 100% availability: anytime, everywhere. And Sales & Marketing drive sales with promotions, new product introduction and changing assortments. How to optimize your inventory levels? Districon presents an impressive track record in optimizing stock costs and market availability. Our solutions are based on:

  • Differentiated approach: each category is managed based on its specific characteristics
  • Optimal forecasting: we use sophisticated forecasting techniques, Sales & Operations (S&OP) processes and supporting software
  • Supply chain management, like store replenishment, inventory level accuracy and inbound control 

Supply chain visibility and optimization

Your network is complex. How do you control this complex network? Our Districon Dashboard provides performance insights: production, deliveries, inventory levels, etc. Sometimes daily, sometimes real time, whatever it needs to manage your business. Our dashboard therefore provides the means to identify structural problems causing performance issues.

Next to visibility we optimize your performance based on AIMMS software. Our OR-specialists develop tailor made software applications connected to your main IT infrastructure. These applications are able to periodically optimize your network (eg like assortment allocations), but also to optimize your replenishment or production schedules on a daily basis. Our development lead time is short and refer to frequent feedback sessions