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On the route to avoiding rush hours: for a better accessibility of Rotterdam, now and in the future
Client Verkeersonderneming
Expertise Advisory, Transport (Network) and Distribution
Markets Public

Size, opportunities and constraints with respect to avoiding rush hours of heavy vehicle traffic on the high ways around Rotterdam.

Based on 14 cases, Districon has determined which innovative actions will lead to more efficiency on the high ways around Rotterdam. Moreover, providers are identified who play an important role in realising these actions. The research is done in cooperation with Panteia.

Every part of the chain is taken into account in this research: shippers, carriers and receivers. The supply chain parties are producers, wholesalers, retailers and service providers, and are come from varying branches (i.e. food, non-food and waste). These different backgrounds provide a divers and worthwhile insights. For example, merging the flow of goods has different dynamics and a different potential and implementation time than planning routes smartly.