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Supply chain management

The current market is competitive, fast-growing, and volatile. This requires a clear vision and strategy and a diligent translation to the daily processes to realize efficient, timely, and qualitative deliveries. For years we have supported many customers in the establishment and improvement of their logistic flow. For example, the decision to out or insource, to merge departments, or to enter a new market area can be covered by our support. We use our fundamental knowledge and skill coming from various specific markets. This is supplemented with benchmarks and supply chain analytics, which enables us to interpret the logistic blueprint and the impact of specific aspects on your company. Additionally, Districon has started the accompaniment of the realization of logistics sustainability goals and the road to zero-emission. We can accompany processes and modifications from analysis to implementation.


Aftermovie Districon seminar "Sustainable supply chains" 20 June 2019
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